Integrate with your existing CRM systems

Our integrations are there to make it easier for your employees to have a more efficient flow and enable you to concentrate your focus offering excellent customer satisfaction. All our integrations are customised to our phone exchange service and Infinity desktop softphone.

In our unique, fully integrated Microsoft Teams solution – Infinity Teams – we have also specially customised all our features so that our Microsoft Teams app works together with all modules.

Microsoft Teams

InfraCom’s unique Infinity Teams solution makes our integration the best on the market.


Optimise your workflow with our integration between InfraCom and Salesforce.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Make your workflow more effective with our InfraCom and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.


Get access to all your important customer data before you answer the incoming call.


See current and closed tickets per customer in Zendesk before you answer the call.


See customer profiles in SAP before you answer the call to ensure better service.

Active Campaign

Effective your workflow with our InfraCom and active Campaign integration


Access to all your important customer information in SupportPal before you answer the call.