Your entire switchboard in Microsoft Teams now with Call Journey

Infinity Teams 3rd generation of Microsoft Teams apps gives telecoms collaboration a whole new meaning. InfraCom presents a ground-breaking innovative solution with a new call journey function which is completely unique.

The new unique call journey feature makes everyone more productive and gets all call information before the call is answered.

We are proud to say say that we know how to integrate your switchboard in Teams!

  • InfraCom has been named voice partner of the year by Microsoft number of times
  • InfraCom was one of eight global direct routing partners to Microsoft when Microsoft Teams telephony was launched.
  • InfraCom is a Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Microsoft-certified technicians can answer all your support questions

The entire corporate switchboard in Teams

With the call journey, you can see directly where the call comes from, what choices they made, how long they waited, who forwarded the call and much more. There will be no surprises when you answer as the call history is visible.

Infinity Teams shows the entire company phone exchange directly in Microsoft Teams. This means that no user needs to learn anything new – everything is available through Teams in familiar interfaces. Of course, all common phone exchange functions, such as groups and telephone queues, are included and are easy to overview and use.

With the entire company’s phone book available in Teams, it becomes easily accessible to everyone in the company. InfraCom collects both internal company contacts and external contacts in the Teams apps, a place where colleagues, consultants or even the cleaning company are listed.

Integrate with your CRM or support systems

With the phone exchange in Teams, we can also integrate your support or business systems such as SAP, Zendesk, SupportPal and more so that the customer contact card is linked to the phone number and opened when the customer calls. You can read more about integrations at Integrate with your existing systems

Especially suitable for multi-national companies

Many large and international companies now use InfraCom as the operator for telephony in Microsoft Teams. They gather all communication in one and the same platform, with all the benefits that comes with it!

They can use the same platform and thereby can avoid having different operators and different agreements in different countries. They get a contact, an agreement and it becomes easier to troubleshoot in the event of an error. In addition, it will be cheaper because calls across international borders will be local.

InfraCom can provide telephone numbers in over 60 countries! We are registered number provider in more than 10 countries and follow all laws and regulations that apply in each market. Read more on how you can benefit from the fact that InfraCom is an international operator on International telephony.

Havi is at the forefront of cross-country telephony solution via Teams

Until the autumn of 2020, Havi had a very old switchboard solution for telephony that was connected to, among other things, Italy’s analogue telephony network, which gave them high telephony costs. In addition, they had many suppliers involved to run the operation.

High costs and an unclear cost overview were not the only problems that affected Havi. They also had difficulties in troubleshooting the old switchboard solution that was relying on the analogue telephone network.

While a change in telephony and collaboration was necessary, it was difficult for Havi to find the right solution – until they were recommended to seek help from InfraCom and Microsoft Teams.

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