ISDN as a service will cease to exist in 2025!


Does your company use an ISDN exchange that connects to the telephone network via ISDN duo or multi? Then our Infracom ISDN via the (S)IP service is for you. Secure your equipment for the future and reduce your fixed and variable costs.

We have the solution – switch to Infracom ISDN via (S)IP

We have developed a solution as an alternative to ISDN duo that secures your ISDN exchange for the future and at the same time halves your call charges. Using Infracom’s ISDN gateway, SIP is converted to ISDN.

SIP Connectors

Our SIP connection (SIP trunk) makes it possible to transition “smoothly” transition to new technology and at the same time utilise additional services and functions of the existing solution and reduce call costs.

SIP connection works as ISDN via (S)IP fixed line without gateway

With our sip connection service, we connect modern sip-prepared switches directly to the fixed line. This service works in the same way as ISDN via (S)IP but without a gateway as that function is already integrated in new exchanges.

The SIP connection can be combined with both our hoster solution and ISDN via (S)IP to easily combine both old and new equipment.

  • New lease of life for your existing equipment. No need for extra investment
  • Reduced call costs
  • A simple web interface with full control over exchange numbers, easily see call statistics and handle call forwarding etc. directly via the computer.
  • A switchboard that is prepared for connecting external IP phones so that you can connect offices or easily create a home workplace.
  • Connect mobiles as a connection in the exchange and get access to the exchange’s telephony services directly to the mobile.

Our ISDN via (S)IP solutions are compatible with all exchanges including: