Infinity is a cloud switchboard with endless possibilities – Smart, stable and user friendly

Welcome to a new world of telephony systems where the possibilities are endless. With InFinity, it is only the imagination that sets the limits. All features as a standard. A mobile switchboard where everything you need for efficient and smart telephony is available.

Pay per user

The license for each user you add to InFinity costs the same. This applies regardless of whether it is a desk phone, cordless phone, softphone or mobile. Each user can use an infinite number of devices.

The user receives our mobile app and our desktop application Communicator, which can be downloaded and installed on any computer. When logged in to your Communicator, you can control your calls and are in full control of your telephony.

Customize InFinity to your needs

Select the number of call groups, reply messages, integrations etc. according to your needs. Create your own groups, add/remove members via the user-friendly web portal. Make changes in groups, type of groups and number of groups as often as you want and when you want without any additional costs.

Work freely
Take the switchboard functions with you wherever you want. To the café or to the beach.

Call statistics
Get help analyzing your calls, seeing missed calls and improve your customer support.

Calendar integration
Automatically updates calendar and contacts in your profiles.

Callback Mail
Receive an email in case of a missed call so you can easily call again. Ensures satisfied customers!

Microsoft Teams Zenddesk, Saleforce, Dynamics, SAP
We have the integration required for everything to work.

Quick and safe installation
With our personal service, you always have direct contact with experts!

Free internal calls
Calls between colleagues cost nothing as it takes place within the switchboard.

Customize your telephony for your business as you grow. Only pay for what is used.

Automatic voice response

Reply message with interactive response when you are unable to reply.

Advanced queue system

Call all agents? Call first 2 agents and then 1 backup? We solve all your needs!

All on one invoice
InfraCom is an service provider for fixed-line and mobile solutions so all charges are on one invoice.

User friendly
Control your telephony with the Communicator app. Monitor queues, connect calls and much more.

Integrate existing switchboard

We can of course integrate Infinity with existing switchboards if needed.

No extra fees
Avoid extra fees. It costs what it costs – no more, no less. No hidden charges!

Click-2 call
Click on call-to links and call directly with the computer via our Communicator.


Highlight the phone number, press the selected key (eg F3) and dial with the computer.

What is a cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX or mobile switchboard, there are many nicknames. These concepts are two of many names for today’s modern telecoms solutions. With the help of a cloud PBX, you can manage your entire corporate telephony with one solution. This makes it easy to co-ordinate, delegate and streamline the entire telephone system. With the help of statistics, the overall performance becomes measurable and you can find new ways of working.

The traditional fixed telephone system via the copper network is quickly being replaced by digital solutions in IT and telecom. PBX solutions have undergone a revolution as a result of this and the traditional fixed switchboards are being replaced at an ever faster rate by cloud-based mobile switchboards. Cloud-based means that telephony is stored and done digitally, independent of a physical switchboard solution. In other words, you can access your telephony wherever you are. Switching to a cloud switchboard will enable, strengthen and improve your company’s telephony system. Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • ISDN2(S)IP


    Does your company use an ISDN exchange that connects to the telephone network via ISDN duo or multi? Then our Infracom ISDN via the (S)IP service is for you. Future-proof your telephone exchange and save up to 50% on call charges!

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  • Infinity Teams – third generation

    Infinity Teams – third generation

    For many companies, Microsoft Teams has become the natural choice for collaboration, communication and document management. Add company telephony and manage all communication in one tool!

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  • InFinity Cloud PBX

    InFinity Cloud PBX

    With our cloud switchboard InFinity, you can integrate mobile subscriptions from all major operators, and integrate with many CRM and support systems.

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  • Hybrid workplace

    Hybrid workplace

    The hybrid workplace has become the new normal. Make it easy to work from different workspaces and communicate across all devices!

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  • International Communications

    International Communications

    InfraCom is a virtual operator that uses the most optimized telephone network in each country and offers comprehensive solutions for communication in over 60 countries. We manage challenges like handling 112 and more!

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  • Support


    We know that the most important thing is an excellent support. We provide that, plus world class availability!

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  • CRM Integrations

    CRM Integrations

    Our integrations are there to make it easier for your employees to have a more efficient flow and enable you to concentrate your focus offering excellent customer satisfaction.

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