Hybrid workplace

Perhaps offices were the center of companies’ operations in the past. But for many the hybrid workplace looks to be the new normal.

Microsoft Teams is now a well-known solution where meetings, chats, conversations and collaboration are all gathered in one place.

Everything is also integrated with the Office apps. InfraCom works for a seamless and uniform solution that suits all roles in the organization, and of course we can integrate our telephony solution with Teams.

Call with Microsoft Teams, on your mobile, computer or desk phone! We make sure that all employees get the right tools.

And in addition, you can seamlessly integrate communication with your CRM system, support or business system.

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  • ISDN2(S)IP


    Does your company use an ISDN exchange that connects to the telephone network via ISDN duo or multi? Then our Infracom ISDN via the (S)IP service is for you. Future-proof your telephone exchange and save up to 50% on call charges!

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  • Infinity Teams – third generation

    Infinity Teams – third generation

    For many companies, Microsoft Teams has become the natural choice for collaboration, communication and document management. Add company telephony and manage all communication in one tool!

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  • InFinity Cloud PBX

    InFinity Cloud PBX

    With our cloud switchboard InFinity, you can integrate mobile subscriptions from all major operators, and integrate with many CRM and support systems.

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  • Hybrid workplace

    Hybrid workplace

    The hybrid workplace has become the new normal. Make it easy to work from different workspaces and communicate across all devices!

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  • International Communications

    International Communications

    InfraCom is a virtual operator that uses the most optimized telephone network in each country and offers comprehensive solutions for communication in over 60 countries. We manage challenges like handling 112 and more!

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  • Support


    We know that the most important thing is an excellent support. We provide that, plus world class availability!

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  • CRM Integrations

    CRM Integrations

    Our integrations are there to make it easier for your employees to have a more efficient flow and enable you to concentrate your focus offering excellent customer satisfaction.

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