Integration with Zendesk

The integration with Zendesk makes it possible that before you answer a call, Zendesk lets you know who called. The integration is available both in a specially adapted Microsoft Teams app and our own Infinity softphone – Communicator.

Infinity Communicator

With a simple prepared API integration, you can set up the integration. It’s as simple as it gets!

When you receive or make a call from/to a number that is a contact in Zendesk, you immediately see that a call is coming in. You can choose to click on Zendesk to bring up all the information in Zendesk, but you can also choose to have Zendesk bring up information automatically without pressing a button.

Microsoft Teams

We have a special customized Microsoft Teams app that can be installed in Microsoft Teams, which contains everything to be able to easily manage your telephony, connect calls, monitor queues and see a timeline for your calls. This app also contains all our integrations. You can easily set to automatically open Zendesk on incoming calls when you answer or even before you answer.