This is how we use your personal data

At InfraCom we will collect some personal data when we use our services. This is a great responsability and we treat your data with high confidentiality.

This is how we use the data we collect

We collect two types of data when you use our services:

Customer data related to your services, such as name, personal number, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, data about what services you are using and how you use them, your log in credentials, and other data necessary to cnduct our services.

Traffic data related to using the services including numers you have called / numers calling you, durance of calls, time of calls, location data and other traffic data related to using our services.

How we collect data

We collect and process data:

* When you contact us or whan you registar for any of our events or in any other case when you interact with us or register for a service
* When data is automatically created as you use any of our services, for example when you make a call

* When we get data from other sources such as other operators or bought databases

This is why we collect data:

To deliver services and obey regulations
To communicate with you about our services
To prevent unlawful behaviour when using our services
For marketing purposes

With whom do we share our data?

To other companies in the InfraCom group and subcontractors that need the data to provide our services.

To goverment organisations when so is required by law.

How long do we save our data?

We save the data for as long as we have to, to provide our services.

We also save customer invoicing data for as long as is required by law.

You have rights!

If you want to find out more about what data we have stored about you or your company, contact us!

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