Compatibility of Yealink WH6x and BH72 Headsets with InfraCom! 

Yealink, the global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, and InfraCom, provider of the Infinity Cloud PBX solution, today are pleased to announce the completion of the compatibility test for the full range Yealink of Business Headset Solutions. 

¨The partnership will enable us to fully utilize the advantage of both parties in the cloud communication market and to provide better solution & service to our clients and InfraCom’s customers. It will be another milestone.¨ says Jeff Zhang, Yealink Regional Director. 

¨We are pleased to get Yealink headsets fully compatible with our cloud PBX solution today¨, says Kajsa Lundfall, InfraCom’s COO. ¨It is very important for our end users that we have a seamless experience all the way from the headset to the core of our system, which we have now¨, Kajsa concludes. 

Yealink WH6 Series DECT Wireless Headsets 

Redefine Your Workspace 

Yealink Essential DECT Wireless Headsets WH62 & WH63, with the use of the Yealink branded Busylight, providing a visual cue and indicator that help to reduce distractions and eliminate interruptions and ensure users to stay focused in Teams meetings. Plus, Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology blocks noise, increases voice clarity and the headsets also offer exceptional wearing comfort, long range wireless connection up to 160m and 14-hour talk time, allowing users to move around the office without losing their calls, which brings greater flexibility to daily communication. 

Yealink premium DECT Wireless Headsets WH66 & WH67 X UC Workstation give users the possibility and flexibility to connect devices and manage communications from a single device and also act as a hub that integrates a full-duplex speakerphone, fast charging wireless mobile phone dock, 4-inch touch console, and high-speed USB hub which, together, offer an incredible set of features allowing you to meet, connect and collaborate seamlessly and intelligently. 

Yealink BH72 Wireless Bluetooth Headset 

Anywhere, Workplace! 

The Yealink BH72 Wireless Bluetooth Headset is a new standard headset that equipped with a highly compact design of retractable microphone boom, cutting-edge noise-cancellation technologies, ultra-long battery efficiency and wireless charging stand for multi-devices. It dedicated to empowering users in work and casual scenarios with strong voice capabilities, a wide range of UC features, and a stylish wearing experience as a brand-new headset for hybrid workers of the future. 

About Yealink 

Yealink (Stock Code: 300628) is a global-leading provider of Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions specialized in video conferencing, voice communications, and collaboration, dedicated to helping every person and organization embrace the power of “Easy Collaboration, High Productivity”. 

With best-in-class quality, innovative technology, and user-friendly experiences, Yealink is one of the best providers in more than 140 countries and regions, ranks No.1 in the global market share of IP Phone, and is the Top 5 leader in the video conferencing market (Frost & Sullivan, 2021).