The third generation of Teams Telephony

Even more productivity gains and unique opportunities to impact customer experience. These are some of the advantages of the third generation of Teams Telephony, launching in autumn 2022. In this article we show what’s new.

InfraCom was one of eight global “direct routing” partners that, together with Microsoft, introduced Teams Telephony in 2018. Since then, we have continuously developed the platform and the different apps for Microsoft Teams.

The number of customers has multiplied over the years and our development team has considered requests from several user groups. The third generation of Teams Telephony is now available.

The new Teams Telephony – brings added productivity gains

The advantages of Teams Telephony remain in the new version, such as productivity gains for the user, cost savings for the company and different administrative advantages.

And here’s what’s new in the third generation:

1.     Infinity Teams – a single app

To make it easier for the user, we have replaced the several different apps with one, where everything is included. The new app is called Infinity Teams.

2.     More intuitive

To further simplify the user experience, we have put a lot of effort into improving the interface. Fewer choices and step-by-step dialogs make the use of all functions more intuitive.

3.     New innovative feature improves your customer service

A brand-new feature is the Call Journey. It graphically shows the journey of an incoming call – information that is normally not available in telephone exchanges.

From the Call Journey, you get data such as how long the person has waited on the line, who they spoke to prior to you and who connected them. It also provides the history of previous conversations with the same number.

By taking advantage of this information, you can improve your customer service immediately. In addition, you can refine customer service over time by monitoring response times and optimizing your exchange settings.

4. Integrations with other systems

In the third generation, there are more integration options than before. Now you may integrate your Teams exchange with CRM, support and business systems such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, SAP, CRM Dynamics and many more. 

Thus, you get additional information about the caller and can create efficient workflows between your exchange and other systems.

Click below to read more about the integrations that are currently available.

5. Teams Telephony, but not only for Teams

The telephony solution is also available for desktop and mobile. This way, you can let each user group use the device that suits them best, but still have the same platform as a base.

More information

The third generation of telephony integrated to Microsoft Teams was released in September 2022.

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