A new way to sharpen your company’s customer service with Teams Telephony

Companies with Teams Telephony can now see information about incoming calls which is otherwise invisible in telephone exchanges. Call Journey is a new, innovative feature with great potential to enhance both productivity and customer experience.

InfraCom has launched the third generation of Teams Telephony. It has a more appealing and intuitive interface and also includes an innovative solution, Call Journey, which enables you to improve customer experience on the phone, immediately.

The Call Journey feature provides all companies that are using Teams Telephony, with switchboard functionality which was previously available only to companies with advanced contact center solutions.

Poor customer experience – a common problem

With Call Journey, you avoid problems common with regular telephone exchanges.

Perhaps you have experienced sometimes that you’ve been left hanging or redirected to different people when you make an important call. Perhaps you have noticed that the person you are talking to has no idea that he is the third person you are talking to. It’s irritating having to repeat your reason for calling several times every time you speak with someone new.

This could also be the case for your customers.

Without information, it is difficult to provide good customer support on the phone. It is also difficult to understand, for example, why calls get misconnected or why response times are long.

Call Journey enables proactive customer support

Call Journey is a new feature in the new Teams Telephony app, Infinity Teams, which solves this lack of information issue. It shows graphically how the person calling was handled before the call reached you. You see how long the person has been on hold, how he was connected, who he spoke to prior to you and with whom he spoke yesterday or last week.

Having access to information before you answer a call makes the handling of phone calls more efficient and you may proactively minimize any dissatisfaction. 

As an example, you can:

  • Connect the call to the same person the customer spoke to last time
  • Apologize if the person has waited for a long time
  • Suggest a different button selection to get through to the right person faster next time
  • Bring up the customer’s tickets from third-party systems

Improve response times and call flows

If you are a customer support manager, you can use the information from Call Journey to improve customer service over time. You can, for example, analyze statistics and call history to understand bottlenecks and why calls are misconnected. 

With these insights, you may optimize response times as well as the settings for how calls pass through your exchange.

Integrate to get additional information

To further strengthen the information advantage, you can integrate the Teams exchange with your CRM, support, and business systems. The customer card is linked to the phone number and opens in Microsoft Teams when the customer calls.

This way, you get information, not only about the call itself, but other kinds of information about the customer as well, from SAP, Zendesk, SupportPal, SalesForce, CRM Dynamics and many more.

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